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Fun Drip Liquids Review:

Fun Drip Liquids isn’t afraid to embrace those outrageously sweet candy flavors that we all enjoyed from back in the day. They managed to create stunning ejuices that pay tribute to those shameless candy treats that still make our mouths water today. If you’re dazzled by sour and sugary fruity candies, pick up both of their outrageously popular flavors today and relive your childhood while you vape.

Blue Raspberry Sour Apple
Fun Drips has delivered a shameless dose of sour and sugary candy splendor in the form of Blue Raspberry Sour Apple vape juice. This eliquid combines two famous sweet and sour tastes in order to satisfy your candy cravings on impact. Thanks to this vape juice, you can enjoy two of your favorite fruity flavors at once.

As you inhale Blue Raspberry Sour Apple vape juice, the tart notes from granny smith apples and that explosive sour candy taste of blue raspberry flavor will make your mouth pucker with joy. On the exhale, sweet raspberry flavor combines with sugary apple goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Watermelon is one of those universally-beloved flavors that satisfies the taste buds instantly. Watermelon vape juice by Fun Drip Liquids combines that refreshing watermelon flavor with candy sugar and an extra dose of sourness. The result is a true palate-pleaser that will make you swear that you’re sucking on your favorite fruity candy.

When you inhale Watermelon, cool watermelon flavor washes over the tongue before making way for some serious sourness. On the exhale, sugary sweet candy goodness kisses the sweet tooth.

If you want to enjoy those classic candy flavors all day long, vape them in the form of a vape juice by Fun Drip Liquids. Each puff is guaranteed to hit your sweet tooth where it counts.