Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic E-Liquid

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Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic E-Liquid Review:

When it comes to well-known companies that not only continue creating amazing fruity, sweet, menthol, or even dessert-flavored vapes, but also are loyal to their vapers and the industry as a whole, Air Factory is at the top of almost everyone’s list. This brand has has managed to distinguished itself from the rest, so it’s no surprise they have done so once again with Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic E-Liquid.

By presenting incredibly unique, flavorful combinations, made with only the best flavoring ingredients around, and of course, being Tobacco-Free, Air Factory has undoubtedly made their mark in this space. Basically you get to enjoy everything that has made this company awesome, without having to vape tobacco in any of these E-Juices.

Whether you enjoy freebase or salt-based (Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic Salts) options, every Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic E-Liquid has a a unique blend flavorful goodness that hits all of the right notes on the tongue. Cloud and flavor chasers alike will also enjoy experiencing all that this collection has to offer.