SadBoy Bloodline

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SadBoy Bloodline Review:

Some bloodlines run thicker than others. When it comes to the world of vaping, this is most evident. Sadboy, one of the top brands to emerge from the East Coast, has been able to put a bit of a Philly-style on their distinctly unique collection of flavorful E-Juice profiles. Because of this, they have really set the stage for what needs to be done to satisfy vapers everywhere. Now, they get to prove it again on a whole new level with their SadBoy Bloodline, a collection of mind-blowing and devilishly eventful vapes that simply cannot be ignored.

From intense fruitiness to immaculate sweet candy goodness, SadBoy Bloodline shows how wickedly awesome they can be. Plus, for cloud chasers that wanna bit more out of their sessions, you certainly won’t be disappointed as you get swept up in some flavorful fog. However, if you enjoy a nice throat hit instead, SadBoy Bloodline Salts and SadBoy Blood Bar Disposable Device are where it’s at.

There is an old saying that goes, “blood is thicker than water”. Well, SadBoy‘s line has more than proved just how far their convictions run in order to create E-Liquids that go the extra mile when it comes to pure vape satisfaction.