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Rockt Punch

Rockt Punch Review:

Rockt Punch is a vape juice brand that’s delivering extremely innovative and bold flavor combinations. Each ejuice from their exquisite collection layers unique flavors that explode with sugary splendor. If you’re looking to try vape juices that are both creative and outrageously delicious, this is the brand to get acquainted with.

Each vape juice from Rockt Punch comes in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle.

Melon Milk Crusher
Melon Milk Crusher blends succulent honeydew melon slices with creamy and rich condensed milk. The result is a sugary and fruity extravaganza that doesn’t taste like anything else.

As you inhale Melon Milk Crusher, cool and sweet honeydew melon flavor bathes the tongue and refreshes the palate. On the exhale, the taste buds are drenched by sticky and delicious condensed milk.

Cake Berry Blaster
Cake Berry Blaster takes the deliciously buttery taste of pound cake and tops it with the juiciest and sweetest strawberries imaginable. With each inhale, sweet and rich pound cake flavor satisfies your most sinful dessert cravings. On the exhale, tangy and sugary strawberry flavor wakes up your palate.

Island Ice Cannon
Do you crave tropical fruit punch on a regular basis? Island Ice Cannon combines tropical flavors with fresh menthol to refresh the palate on impact. As you inhale, a blend of tangy and sweet tropical fruits will make your tongue tingle. As you exhale, a cold blast of menthol cools you down.

Ultra Magnetic Fruit Loop
If you long for those fruity cereals from childhood, this is the e-juice for you. When you inhale, a blast of fruity cereal will satisfy your cravings instantly. An extra dose of sugary berry goodness will dance on your tongue. With each exhale, a smooth bath of creamy milk will send your taste buds to heaven.

Blue Rza Thunderbomb
If you’re looking for the most intense blue raspberry flavor on the planet, this is it. On the inhale, sour blue raspberry flavor makes the mouth pucker. On the exhale, sugary candy sweetness satisfies the sweet tooth.

Rockt Punch has blessed us with five explosive flavors that are guaranteed to satisfy as soon as they hit the tongue. Check out all five flavors and discover this brand’s unique take on taste combinations.