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Burst E-Liquid

Burst E-Liquid Review:

Who’s ready for some taffy? Burst E-Liquid has created a series of shamelessly sweet and gloriously chewy candy flavors that brings back some nostalgic memories. Imagine spending an afternoon sampling a variety of sugary, chewy concoctions without worrying about what all of that sweetness is doing to your teeth. Well, thanks to Burst, we can all indulge without any of the shame.

The brand’s flavors have that insane amount of juiciness that makes us feel incredibly satisfied as soon as we inhale. The fruits themselves taste sublimely fresh and ripe, ensuring that each hit refreshes our senses while making our sweet tooth squeal. In addition to their original creations, there are also stunning menthol-infused fruit chews that have that same satisfying taffy vape taste.

Burst E-Liquid has a proven collection and they know what candy fiends want when they’re vaping. Each puff delivers sweet and tangy clouds that will make you feel blissful beyond words.