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Strawberry Queen E-Liquid

Strawberry Queen E-Liquid Review:

Strawberry Queen Royal Premium E-Liquid is handcrafted and bottled in Los Angeles, California. The full strawberry e-juice collection is designed to please even the most refined vaping palate. Strawberry Queen Vapor offers four mouthwatering strawberry flavors: The Queen, The King, The Knight and The Jester. Strawberry Queen only uses the finest ingredients without the use of Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl. “This all day vape is an everyday vape”.

The vape juice collection from Strawberry Queen E-Liquid is a loving tribute to the juicy, bright red strawberry. The brand has managed to deliver the exact taste of sun-ripened strawberries by blending together the best ingredients out there.

Their claim to fame is Queen vape juice, a strawberry flavor that’s so pure and flavorful that it’s fit for royalty. The tangy notes on the inhale are identical to the taste that you enjoy as soon as you bite into a plump, ripe strawberry. The exhale is naturally sweet, delighting the sweet tooth in the way that only delectable berries can.

For those who live for that hit of ice, there’s King vape juice. This e-liquid takes fresh strawberries and blends them with ice-cold menthol to create a seriously exhilarating flavor experience.

Knight vape juice is an e-liquid for vape enthusiasts who appreciate a something decadent. By blending fresh strawberries with cream, custard and sugary cereal, Strawberry Queen has given us the ability to indulge without the guilt.

If you crave a refreshing beverage when summertime comes around, Mason vape juice is what you need. This strawberry-infused lemonade flavor never fails to quench the thirst.

Strawberry Queen E-Liquid has also mastered dessert flavors like nobody’s business. Gypsy vape juice is a unique spin on a traditional strawberry shortcake that takes a fluffy, buttery pound cake and drenches it in sweetened condensed milk before smothering it in fresh strawberry slices. There’s also Dragon vape juice, a tiramisu flavor that bursts with the bright and refreshing taste of sweet and tangy strawberries.

If you live for the rich and sweet taste of a fresh doughnut, Jester vape juice is for you. This dazzling ejuice tastes just like a buttery doughnut that’s stuffed with strawberry jam and dusted with powdered sugar.

Strawberry Queen E-Liquid has a nice array of strawberry-flavored eliquids that will captivate your taste buds with the authentic taste of everyone’s favorite berry.