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SnozzBerry E-Juice

SnozzBerry E-Juice Review:

Once in a great while, a vape juice brand releases a new e liquid onto the market and watches it become an overnight success. For SnozzBerry E-Juice, this has happened twice. Perhaps it is Snozz’s mysterious blend of lusciously ripe berries that captivate the taste buds after the very first inhale. Or, maybe, it is the combination of high-quality ingredients that deliver the most authentic berry taste imaginable. The bottom line is that Snozz has developed two e-liquids that are simply better than the rest in terms of powerful and thirst-quenching berry flavor.

Berry: Bursts of tart, tangy and sugary notes dance around the taste buds, causing the tongue to tingle with delight while you inhale and exhale.

Creme: Magical berry blend blended with cream flavor that brings out the luxuriousness of the berries. A cream taste that is so velvety smooth, you will feel intoxicated with each puff.

Few brands are capable of creating winning flavors that captivate the vaping community as a whole. However, thanks to absolutely stunning flavors, SnozzBerry E-Juice has done it two times in a row.