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Schwartz E-Liquid

Schwartz E-Liquid Review:


Schwartz E-Liquid company is based in Long Beach, California, created with the sole purpose of bringing unique, high-quality flavors to the vaping community. Through months of dedicated research and development using only the finest ingredients, The Schwartz line creates yogurt based E-liquids, #YOGURTISTHENEWCUSTARD. Schwartz has four delicious flavors in their collection of E-liquid: Upside, Downside, Comb the Desert and Ludicrous Speed.

If you crave juicy berries, Schwartz E-Liquid has two vape juices that will captivate your palate. The Downside vape juice blends creamy, tangy yogurt with juicy, sweet blueberries that taste like they’ve just come off of the vine. The Upside vape juice is a luxurious and seductive combination of rich yogurt and plump strawberries that have notes of tartness and sugary sweetness.

Schwartz E-Liquid has also created two yogurt-based flavors that are as imaginative as they are yummy. Ludicrous Speed vape juice is a rich and creamy yogurt that’s topped with sugary, sticky honey. If you’re a fan of nuts, Comb the Desert will intoxicate you with its combination of tangy yogurt, creamy peanut butter and savory hazelnuts that have that hint of deliciously sweet chocolate.

Schwartz E-Liquid has wowed the vaping community with exquisite yogurt-inspired e-juices that tantalize the palate with rich yet refreshing flavor.