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Schwartz E-Liquid

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Schwartz E-Liquid Review:

Schwartz E-Liquid company is based in Long Beach, California and was created with the sole purpose of bringing unique, high-quality flavors to the vaping community. Through months of dedicated research and development using only the finest ingredients, The Schwartz line creates fruit, honey, and dessert vape juice ejuice combinations, #YOGURTISTHENEWCUSTARD.

Schwartz has four delicious flavors in their collection: The Upside, The Downside, Comb the Desert, and Ludicrous Speed.

The Upside: A luxurious and seductive combination of rich yogurt and plump strawberries that have notes of tartness and sugary sweetness.

The Downside: Blends creamy, tangy yogurt with juicy, sweet blueberries that taste like they’ve just come off of the vine.

Comb the Desert: Intoxicates you with its combination of tangy yogurt, creamy peanut butter and savory hazelnuts that have that hint of deliciously sweet chocolate.

Ludicrous Speed: A rich and creamy yogurt that’s topped with sugary, sticky honey. If you’re a fan of nuts,

Schwartz E-Liquid has wowed the vaping community with exquisite yogurt-inspired vape juices that tantalize the palate with rich yet refreshing flavor.