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Naked 100 Cream Ejuice and Eliquid

Naked 100 Cream Ejuice and Eliquid Review:

One of the biggest trends to take over the world of vape flavors is cream. By combining delicious fruits with rich creamy goodness, you simply can’t go wrong. Naked 100 e liquid understands this trend perfectly and has outdone itself with its Cream collection of premium vape juices. Each flavor perfectly combines luscious cream with the sweet fruits that we all crave. Using the very best ingredients around, this collection is a step above the rest and provides seductive flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

All the vape flavors from the Naked 100 Cream Ejuice and Eliquid collection have a 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base that gives vapers a smooth taste and unbeatable vape clouds. And each comes in a stylish 60ml dropper bottle.

Naked Unicorn
Naked Unicorn blends perfectly ripe strawberries with smooth and seductive cream flavor. For those who crave strawberries and cream on a regular basis, this sinfully sweet and rich vape juice flavor is mind-blowing. On the inhale, the familiar taste of juicy strawberries explodes on the tongue. On the exhale, rich and slightly tangy cream balances out the intense sweetness of the fruity flavor.

Azul Berries
Who doesn’t adore berries and cream? Azul Berries blends together rich creaminess with blueberries and raspberries. When you inhale Azul Berries, your tongue will be taken over by tart and sweet notes of authentic berry goodness. On the exhale, subtle vanilla notes will develop and the rich cream flavor will dominate, leaving you craving more as your mouth waters.

Go Nanas
Go Nanas delivers an unapologetic punch of real banana flavor. If the taste of ripe, creamy bananas keeps you up at night, this flavor is for you. When you first inhale Go Nanas vape juice, your tongue will be dazzled by the most intense banana flavor imaginable. As you exhale Go Nanas vape juice, rich creamy notes will take over, toning down the sweetness and intensity of the banana just enough to create a perfectly balanced combination of flavor notes in your mouth.

Berry Lush
Berry Lush eliquid By Naked 100 Cream Ejuice 60ml consists of a definitive mix of crisp and tart pineapple and sweet and ripe strawberries, with a nice and rich creamy taste at the end that adds just the proper sum of depth and body to it.

The Naked 100 Cream Ejuice and Eliquid adds a layer of silky, sinful cream to our favorite fruit flavors. If you long for a bowl of your favorite fruit topped with cream, this collection is worth checking out. And for vapers that want to experience all four flavors, grab a bundle today.