Mr Macaron Vape Ejuice

Mr Macaron Vape Ejuice Review:

Mr. Macaron is the perfect vape juice to satisfy your sweet tooth! Bringing your favorite macaron flavors to life and letting you enjoy them anywhere.

If delicate French desserts satisfy your cravings unlike anything else, it’s time to explore the collection of exquisite e-juices from Mr. Macaron. This brand has managed to recreate the distinctive taste of those airy, chewy little cookies. Each flavor from Mr. Macaron makes the mouth water beyond belief.

All their vape juice flavors come in 60ml dropper bottles that features the brand’s logo. They have a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base for large and thick vape clouds and a good throat hits.

Salted Caramel
An intensely decadent flavorful experience as each puff delivers authentic salted caramel macaron flavor.

Strawberry Cream
A mouth-watering and rich strawberry cream decadent flavor, that will keep your palate and taste buds satisfied.

Vanilla Marshmallow
A sweet and balanced hint of vanilla with the smooth cloud-like experience of a fluffy marshmallow.

Mr Macaron line of great tasting desert vape juices are perfect to have any time of the day and without any of the guilt. If you live for French desserts, Mr. Macaron’s collection of premium vape juices is going to be your new go-to brand. Each of the four flavors explodes with delicious taste that boasts just the right amount of sweetness. Try Mr Macaron’s Vape juice today!