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Kings Crest

Kings Crest Review:

Bow Down To The True Sweet, Creamy, Savory, and Dessert Flavors Kings!

Simply put, Kings Crest has raised the standards when it comes to dessert flavors. Founded in 2014 by three vape legends Drew, Manny and Ben, Kings Crest has created a series dessert-inspired e liquids that are made with impeccable ingredients. If you love rich and creamy sweets, this you have gotta check them out.

From pies to cakes to milky treats, you’ll palate and vape cravings will be satisfied in a true royal manner. Plus, you’ll have no problem creating large clouds and experiencing sweet throat hits.

If you have a weakness for rich and creamy desserts, Kings Crest is going to make your sweet tooth’s fantasies come true. All their incredible ejuices boast intensely satisfying flavors that taste just like your favorite decadent treats. That’s just another reason why they have won multiple awards since the establishment of their line.