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Junkys Stash

Junkys Stash Review:

The vape juice collection from Junkys Stash took six months to perfect. The result is three mouth-watering eliquid flavors that are absolutely flawless. Made with high-quality ingredients, these ejuices hit the spot with authentic tastes that make you feel like you’re indulging in homemade goodies. With two satisfying baked goods and a refreshing beverage for hot summer days, this exquisite line of vape juices is guaranteed to be a mainstay in any vape enthusiast’s vape juice collection.

For those days when the sun has you feeling parched, A Chill Day vape juice satisfies like nothing else. For this e-liquid, Junkys Stash combined earthy black tea with fresh Georgia peaches to create a fruity iced tea that’s out of this world. You’ll taste the ripeness of the peaches as the refreshing elixir washes over the taste buds.

Buried Yesterday vape juice is a tempting blueberry muffin flavor for lovers of fluffy, sweet baked goods. You’ll feel comforted as the homemade taste of this treat takes over your senses. With every hit, you’ll taste juicy blueberries, bright citrus notes, smooth vanilla and a rich, buttery muffin base.

For banana fanatics, there’s The Old Stuff vape juice. This flavor elevates banana nut bread by loading it with buttery Syrian pistachios. Each puff makes you salivate as sweet bananas, buttery cake, warm spices and savory nuts swirl around your palate. Just the aroma of this dessert flavor is guaranteed to make you drool with anticipation.

The e liquids from Junkys Stash are full of comforting tastes that make us smile. Each flavor is lovingly formulated with the best flavoring extracts that money can buy. You’ll notice the superior quality of these flavors as soon as you take your first hit. Whether you crave fruity tea, moist muffins or fragrant banana nut bread, Junkys Stash has a flavor that’s going to take your vape game to the next level.