Excision Review:

Are you tired of playing it safe when it comes to the universe of e liquid flavors? If so, it’s time to step into a  world in which they’re free to take on the most otherworldly flavor profiles that are specially designed to thrill your tongue and keep the taste buds on the edges of their seats. Excision is the laboratory grown, twisted brainchild of Alt Zero, one of the most celebrated manufacturers in the world.

These ejuices are, in simple terms, unlike anything that you’ve ever vaped, at least in this galaxy. Spectacular ingredients are concocted in a way that makes you feel like you’ve entered a strange land, in the best way possible.

Excision doesn’t just churn out the same, standard flavorful profiles like everyone else. Instead, they employ mad scientists who come up with truly innovative ways to tickle the taste buds. Flavors include exotic, never-before-seen blends of succulent fruits, and extremely rich and decadent desserts that take unpredictable twists and turns through your palate.

Because they use such extraordinary ingredients, you can most certainly count on a fully natural, authentic and nuanced vape juice profile no matter what you end up choosing from their mind-bending collection.