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Candy Co E-Liquids

Candy Co E-Liquids Review:

Candy Co E-Liquids has a loyal base of vapers who have an insatiable sweet tooth. They just can’t get enough of the magical juice flavors from them. This line of candy-inspired high-quality uices explodes with sweet, sugary flavor that satisfies the most sinful cravings like a handful of delicious candies.

Based out of Southern California, their line perfectly recreates a classic treat that we all hold dear to our hearts. Each bottle of ejuice has been carefully developed over a long period of time so that its nuanced flavor is just right. The brand uses the very finest ingredients, resulting in high-end vape juices that are as flavorful as it gets. They come in 60ml dropper bottles with a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base.

Candy Co E-Liquids has created stunning flavors that are guaranteed to provide your sweet tooth with immediate satisfaction. Delivering tons of sugary candy flavor, you will make you wanna vape them all for hours at a time.