The PACT Act “Vape Mail Ban”

Announcement from Vape Society Supply: The PACT Act “Vape Mail Ban”

Starting March 27, all packages will require Adult Signature (21+) upon delivery with I.D. check and will include a $5 fee at checkout.

At this point, you have likely heard about the PACT Act, which has been referred to as the “vape mail ban.”The PACT Act, which stands for “Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking,” was put forth to restrict the mailing of vaping goods by the United States Post Office (USPS), and quickly but unfortunately, inspired UPS and FedEx to follow suit.
At Vape Society Supply, we are dedicated to serving vapers across the country, and will therefore continue our operations in spite of this new change in legislation.We will be working closely with alternative shipping carriers in order to maintain our ability to provide our customers with the vaping supplies they desire, all while making sure that we strictly adhere to both federal and state laws.

The PACT Act

In December of 2020, the PACT Act was buried in the new spending bill that mainly pertained to COVID relief for businesses and citizens.The PACT Act served as an extension to an existing law preventing cigarettes from being shipped to people’s homes via USPS, including all vaping products under the umbrella of tobacco products.
As of March 27, 2021, all online retailers who sell vaping products are required to collect taxes on vaping products, while requiring an adult signature on items sent via mail.Further, they are now required to collect data on sales and report it to the government, while changing their packaging and labeling to adhere to these new changes.
Easily, the most notable piece of the PACT Act is prohibiting the USPS from transporting packages containing vaping goods, as of April 26, or even earlier.After the PACT Act was passed, UPS and FedEx quickly declared that they would also stop shipping vaping goods, on April 5 and March 1, respectively.

What This Means for VSS Customers

While the PACT Act has been affecting the vaping community at large, we at Vape Society Supply have built relationships with alternative shipping services so that we can continue sending products to our customers.You will see these changes upon checkout.
For the time-being, as we continue to work out the logistics of these changes, we may not be able to ship to every customer in the United States, due to regional limitations.But this should only be very temporary.Our team is working closely with these alternative carriers to develop the means for serving our entire customer base very soon.What this means is that if we are unable to serve you currently, please be patient with us, just for now.

From this point on, all orders of vaping goods will require an adult signature and verification that you are at least 21 years of age.There will also be a small fee upon checkout.

Please Note: If we are currently unable to ship to your region of the country, you will be notified upon checkout.In a few weeks, you should check back, as our company is doing everything that possible to be able to resume operations to serve the entire vaping community in all regions of the United States.
Nothing means more to us than our ability to provide quality vaping goods to customers like you.Therefore, we will continue as we always have, working hard to provide excellent customer service, fast and affordable shipping, and exceptional selections of products.We wholeheartedly appreciate your commitment to us over the years and genuinely appreciate your support during this critical time.