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Ripe Vapes Disposables Review:

For years, Ripe Vapes has maintained an outstanding reputation as one of the most reputable e-liquid brands for serious vape juice connoisseurs. Utilizing advanced techniques to deliver sophisticated and refined flavor profiles, they’ve released a number of industry-wide best-sellers over the years, and are particularly known for their outstanding takes on rich and complex tobacco blends.

Those who are gravitating toward the disposable market are delighted to learn that Ripe Vapes has released a disposable vape of their own, applying the same meticulous artisanal methods that go into their bottled e-liquids. The Ripe Vapes Palm is an ultra-compact, ergonomic, and visually striking disposable device that fits in the pocket or palm of the hand easily, and even supplies the vaper with nonstop flavor satisfaction from beginning to end.

Available in 20mg, 30mg, and 50mg nicotine strengths, the Palm boasts a generous 3000 puffs, with a 1000mAh integrated battery and advanced mesh coil design. An LED puff light gives you indication of the life of your device. You’ll find classic flavors from the brand, like their iconic VCT (vanilla custard & tobacco), along with new and exciting creations that truly capture what we crave the most. Each flavor profile promises to be bold, natural-tasting, and full of complexity that keeps the palate completely satiated all day long.