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Air Factory Disposables Review:

When you think of legendary e-liquid manufacturers who have dominated the industry for years, Air Factory is a name that’s hard to leave out of the conversation. Originating as a brand committed to replicating our favorite confection flavors, they’ve long-since expanded to produce an absolutely spectacular variety of flavor options, including authentic-tasting tobaccos, bold fruit and menthol blends, and much more.

With the growing interest in disposables nowadays among the vaping public, Air Factory has risen to the challenge by releasing an absolute standout – the NTN Air Stix 3K Disposable Vape Pen, which combines the brand’s unbelievable knack for producing dreamy flavors, with a deep understanding of the technology that goes into crafting a truly flawless vaping device. It’s also a visual stunner, with its pen-like design and tapered mouthpiece, all while being perfectly pocket-friendly, lightweight, and durable.

With 3000 puffs total, and a rechargeable 400mAh battery built into the device, the NTN Air Stix has your day-to-day vaping needs covered. The flavor selection is nothing short of enticing, with both imaginative flavor profiles and go-to classics that never fail to satisfy the general vaping public. Most importantly, it’s an extremely reliable device that promises smooth and satisfying clouds from beginning to end.