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TBCO Vape Juice Review:

If you’re the type of vaper who prefers tobacco flavors, you’ve likely noticed by now that to say that not all tobacco flavors are created equally is a gross understatement. Sadly, a lot of companies use a slew of artificial-tasting ingredients that, quite frankly, taste like anything but tobacco. Then, there’s TBCO Vape Juice who have raised the standards throughout the industry with a series of high-end, luxurious tobacco blends that hit the spot like few eliquids on the market can. TBCO’s unique take on tobacco consists of combining the finest sun-cured blends with rich, robust coffee to make the palate’s dream come true.

TBCO Vape Juice offers a number of exceptionally crafted varieties of their innovative formula, pairing beloved tobacco blends with unique brews to satisfy our cravings beyond our wildest dreams. Their ability to find that perfect balance between the two flavor components is nothing short of remarkable, as is the sublime smoothness that you feel when you take each and every puff. If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that these guys know how to source the finest ingredients and turn them into liquid gold. If tobacco and coffee both hit the spot for you, then check out their sublime collection.