Shijin Lemonade Series

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Shijin Lemonade Series Review:

Name a beverage that’s more refreshing and satisfying than lemonade – we’ll wait. But, while we do, allow us to introduce you to Shijin Lemonade Series, one of the top-selling beverage-inspired vape juice collections on the market today. Sure, there are a lot of lemonade-like flavors out there these days, but they’re not all innovative in their flavor profiles like these ones. This line is just one of many collections concocted by Shijin Vapor, the fast forward-thinking ejuice companies of all-time.

Shijin Lemonade Series has arrived to quench your thirst while inspiring your taste buds with unique takes on this all-time classic. You’ll find soothing lemonades blended with your favorite fruits, which results in a vaping experience that puts you into a state of deep euphoria. And, best of all, each one is made with carefully sourced fruit extracts so that each and every puff gives you that profoundly authentic fruity taste that leaves you feeling naturally soothed.

This type of series from Shijin really knows how to create freshly made lemonade that hits the spot like crazy.