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Sengoku Vapor

Sengoku Vapor Review:

The e liquid collection from Sengoku Vapor boasts intense tastes that truly captivate every single taste bud. From rich milk chocolate to zesty citrus fruits, they’ve mastered every single flavor that they put into their signature ejuices.

Rather than setting out to create an enormous catalog of mediocre flavors, Sengoku Vapor devotes a tremendous amount of attention to concocting one vape juice at a time. Each flavor is tested and tweaked over and over again until it’s truly remarkable. That’s why their vape juices are coveted items among vape enthusiasts around the world.

Every ingredient that goes into a Sengoku Vapor eliquid is of a food grade quality. You won’t taste any synthetic sweetness as the clouds absorb into your palate. Instead, you’ll feel fully refreshed and satisfied long after the vapor escapes through your lips.

Sengoku Vapor’s chocolate milk flavor is legendary. They’ve somehow managed to deliver a chocolate milk flavor that’s so silky, rich and creamy that it’s hard to believe that real chocolate milk isn’t washing over the taste buds. This smooth flavor delivers a chocolate taste that’s outrageously intense.

A more innovative flavor from the brand is inspired by Ramune, a popular carbonated beverage from Japan that’s known for its ability to refresh the palate like crazy. This fruity, bubbly concoction possesses the perfect sweetness level, satisfying you without overloading your taste buds with excessive sugar.

There’s also a stunning fruit blend that consists of juicy pineapples, zesty limes and sweet blueberries. This vape juice is perfect for the summer because of its thirst-quenching taste.

Sengoku Vapor has demonstrated a unique ability to perfectly capture the nuances of the flavors that we crave and turn them into mouth-watering vape juices. If you love unique flavors that are profoundly delicious, you’ll love Sengoku.