Riot Squad E-Liquid

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Riot Squad E-Liquid Review:

Award-winning vape brand Riot Squad E-Liquid has won over vapers with a rebellious approach to ejuices, starting a revolution that turns its back on boring, weak flavor profiles and instead dreaming up powerfully bold creations that hit the spot on a whole new level. Their unapologetic approach to flavor-making has earned them a massive reputation throughout the vaping community, and their flavors are known for punching you in the palate with mouthwatering intensity.

Riot Squad E-Liquid has subverted the status quo with unique pairings that are rarely seen together in an e liquid form, but hit the spot in ways that words just can’t describe. They use only the finest, most carefully sourced ingredients to craft their flavorful profiles, and test and tweak each recipe until it’s absolutely spot on. As a result, fans of the manufacturer note that each vape, regardless if it’s fruity, creamy, tobacco-flavored, beverage-flavored, or doused with menthol, boasts a balanced, complex, and rich taste that keeps them coming back for more.

These guys produce some major ADV contenders, as their juices are never overwhelmed by too much sweetener, and never disappoint with bland, one-dimensional profiles.

Conveniently, Riot Squad E-Liquid offers their iconic flavors in both freebase and salt-based nicotine forms. This means that no matter which type of vaping setup you’re using, you can indulge in all that they have to offer. So, explore their collection and prepare for a full takeover of your taste buds today.