Benevolent E-Liquid

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Benevolent E-Liquid Review:

If there is one company that has benevolent intentions, it would have to be Benevolent E-Liquid. The company was formed in response to a wave of low-quality vape juices that were saturating the market. Their founders set out to create a series of E-Juices in which every single ingredient is top-of-the-line, from the flavoring extracts to the nicotine, and even the sweetener.

As a result, Benevolent has become one of the most beloved eLiquid brands in recent years. Not only are their flavors extraordinarily high in quality, boasting clean flavor profiles that are hard to come by these days, but they also come in a range of truly exceptional and innovative flavor options. From rich, flaky and sweet pastries to fruit blends that are so darn refreshing you want to cry, they have got it all.

To make matters even better, Benevolent E-Liquid donates a large percentage of their profits to vape advocacy groups so that vaping can continue to be accessible to those looking to ditch their cigarettes once and for all.