Puff Daddy Inc. Disposables

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Puff Daddy Inc. Disposables Review:

Puff Daddy Inc. has made their mark on the disposable vaping industry with some of the most truly advanced technology we’ve seen in this ever-growing vaping submarket. Their standalone device is so impressive in its power and capabilities that it’s hard to imagine how they could possibly follow it up. The brand is relatively new, but already, they’ve captivated disposable vape consumers with their ability to satisfy every vape-related need.

It’s hard to talk about the brand without talking about their knack for aesthetics. The Puff Daddy 6000 Disposable is truly one of the most aesthetically enticing devices on the market, with its streamlined and whimsical design in bold pastel hues, unique duck-billed mouthpiece, and ridged chassis that adds to the visual appeal while offering a secure and comfortable grip. It’s ultra-pocket-friendly, lightweight, yet durable, and requires no buttons as it’s draw-activated.

Advertised as a sub-ohm disposable, which is quite rare, it uses an advanced 0.8ohm coil to deliver dreamy, fluffy clouds all day long, while satisfying with salt-based nicotine. A rechargeable battery and generous e-liquid reservoir enable a super long-lasting device that promises about 6000 puffs. Meanwhile, you can choose from outstanding flavor options like Razzberry Lemonade, Banana Berry Blizzard, Lemon Headz Ice, and many more.