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premium dry herb and concentrate devices and hardware parts and accessories

The ALERNATIVE+ collection lets you enjoy your dry herbs, waxes and herb concentrates to the max with a variety of quality hardware products. These products guarantee that you’ll get the most out of your herbs by providing you with everything that you need to have a completely satisfying vaping session.

ALTERNATIVE+ has everything that you could possibly ask for when it comes to vaping herbs. The Bolt Shredder Dry Herb Grinder lets you get an impeccable grind so that you can easily insert your herbs into the device of your choosing. This grinder is made with the best materials in order to handle everyday use.

If you want to vape your herbs while enjoying the functionality of your favorite box mod, you can use the Brain Fogger Atomizer Pen Tank. This innovative tank is compatible with most box mod devices that are on the market. It will maximize the effectiveness of your wax or concentrate by heating it to the proper temperature without burning it in any way.

The Vanguard 510 Nail Dab Hit Vaporizer can be applied to any standard box mod as well. You’ll be in dabbing heaven thanks to this device’s ability to maximize vapor production and cool down each hit.

If you’re in the market for a vaping device that’s specifically intended for vaping wax, the WASP Wax Air Vape Pen will not disappoint. You won’t have to worry about harsh hits or burnt wax thanks to the brilliant design of this pen device. There’s also the Swan Vaporizer, an extremely portable yet powerful vaping device that boasts a stunning design.

The Alternative+ collection offers the very best hardware on the market at incredibly affordable prices. You’ll find every type of product imaginable so that you can indulge in your dry herbs, waxes and concentrates like never before.