Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice

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Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice Review:

Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice is an American based company specializing in creating premium e liquids. Their mission is to provide quality juices, and their passion for helping people to quit smoking cigarettes is what they still believe in to this day. Each of the juice creations are made with the finest quality grade ingredients and have a 70/30 VG/P ratio, providing a savory taste and excellent vapor production.

The story behind Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice: after smoking cigarettes for nearly 35 years, Uncle Junk was introduced to vaping industry and never picked up a cigarette again. He set out to create his own juice line, creating four flavors and purchased a couple of local vape shops.

From tobacco to sweet and creamy flavors, to caramel to butterscotch and even banana juices, you’ll know “who your Uncle is” when you vape this line.

After exploring the e liquids from Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice, you’ll know why this brand is still in rotation. Their ability to develop unbelievably yummy flavors is undeniable after you take your first puff.