Lost Art Liquids E-Juice

Lost Art Liquids is a premium e-liquid brand based in Los Angeles, California. The flavors of Lost Art Liquids are a reminiscent of your childhood favorite cereals, drinks, candy and desserts. The juice contains the highest quality of fine USP grade ingredients made in the USA. Relive those fond memories with Lost Art Liquids.Lost Art Liquids are available in the following flavors: Cottontail Cream, Beez Kneez, Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch, Space Rockz, Unicorn Puke, Mystery Flavor and the newest addition, Gummy Glu. From peanut butter cereal to strawberry-kiwi pop rocks candy, Lost Art Liquids provides a wide variety of flavors that will hit a home run with any vaper. Don’t forget to discover the mystery of the newest E-Liquid, Mystery Flavor.
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