TAB Premium Salts

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TAB Premium Salts Review:

There are a lot of e liquid brands who are just looking to make an easy buck off of the vaping trend, and then there are companies like TAB Premium Salts who strive to raise the standards throughout the industry. There are a lot of things that these guys do right – namely, developing mouthwatering flavor profiles using only the very finest ingredients that they can get their hands on. But, they also provide uniquely potent salt nic ejuices that provide that truly satisfying MTL vape that’s always intense, but refreshingly smooth.

TAB Premium Salts, based in Houston, Texas, has been a rising star of our industry since they first introduced their magnificent flavors to the vaping public. Their fruity and dessert flavors are highly unique in that they combine tastes that you didn’t know went so well together.  While some of their flavor choices may seem a bit off-kilter, allow us to assure you that they know what they’re doing, and that each option in their collection is extraordinarily yummy – we mean the kind of yummy that’ll leave you licking your lips after each draw.