LiX Salt E-liquid

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LiX Salt E-liquid Review:

There are a whole lot of vape companies making salt nic flavors these days, but few are as high in quality and authentic-tasting as the ones from LiX Salt E-Liquid. These guys have managed to turn their most beloved flavors into salt-infused treats, perfect for your trusty pod system. Their selection isn’t enormous, but what they lack in variety they make up for profoundly in quality.

Each ejuice flavor reminds us of the small batch, artisan-type mentality in which it’s carefully tested and tweaked repeatedly until it’s finally available to vapers. LiX Salt E-Liquid does have a great understanding of how each vaper has their own unique preferences when it comes to flavor. That’s why they offer tobacco, menthol, fresh fruit, decadent cake and more! This way, no matter what type of flavors you enjoy, you’ll find an exceptional one as you explore the brand’s collection.