Custard Monster Salt Nicotine

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Custard Monster Salt Nicotine

Custard Monster Salt Nic Bundle 3x30ml (90ml)

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Custard Monster Salt Nicotine Review:

What’s more satisfying than silky-smooth vanilla custard that sometimes gets mixed with a single fruit? Well, when those cravings start to kick up, Monster Vape Labs brings you their Custard Monster Salt Nicotine line. It consists of richly delightful vapes with the addition of nic salts.

These remarkably creamy and fruity dessert ejuices bring out the best. They do so by exciting your taste buds and palate in way you might have never though were vaping possible.

No matter how you like those custards, Custard Monster Salt Nicotine has something for every vaper to experience. Also, the throat hit you get when vaping one of these flavors makes those sessions that more euphoric indeed.

Now’s your chance to get in on what the custard side of this brand is all about. In fact, these e liquids are so good, they might become ADVs.