Alternativ Salts

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Alternativ Salts Review:

Alternativ Salts has blessed vapers with a line of intoxicating fruity e liquid flavors that refresh in every way. Manufactured by legendary juice company Marina Vape, the Alternativ Salts collection turns fresh, ripe fruits into magical elixirs that satisfy all day long.

All of their ejuices are made with nicotine salts. Compatible with pod mod devices, these eliquids provide vapers with a more pleasurable throat hit and a satisfying dose of nicotine whenever they take a pull.

*These juices cannot be used with sub-ohm devices due to their nicotine salt content.

What makes Alternativ Salts so unique is their innovative fruit blends that captivate the imagination and seduce the taste buds like crazy. All of the fruity flavors that they use come from natural sources and are made with quality in mind. You’ll be blown away by the crispness of their green apples and the exhilarating tang from their juicy grapes. All are menthol-infused for cool and invigorating vaping experience.

Alternativ Salts has the perfect collection that’ll satisfy your fruit cravings while providing you with that punch of nicotine.