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Strudel E-Liquids

Strudel E-Liquids Review:

Manufactured by Beard Vape Co, Strudel E-Liquids is committed to providing exceptional quality and safety. Their premium e liquid is formulated with the highest quality ingredients of VG, PG and nicotine. The juice is prepared and bottled in certified ISO clean room facilities with child safety caps and seals.

Super Strudel Strawberry and Super Strudel Blueberry were the first two flavors from their collection. The combination of fruit tucked into a pastry and drizzled in rich vanilla icing comes alive when you hit these flavors.

You’ll immediately experience the nostalgic flavor of a baked toasted pastry that will warm your soul and satisfy your sweet tooth beyond belief when you vape Strudel E-Liquids. Best of all, you can enjoy these ejuice flavors any time of the day; breakfast lunch or even dinner, without packing on any unnecessary calories as you chase some amazing clouds of vapor during each vape session.