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Sneakerhead Review:

Sean Glas has been a prominent name in the vaping industry for several years. His Glas E-Liquid collection raised the standards of juice manufacturing by delivering incredibly flavorful eliquids made with uniquely refined ingredients. Now, Sean has created a juice line inspired by his love of sneakers. Sneakerhead is a uniquely whimsical line that consists of outrageously delicious vape treats.

Sneakerhead is known for producing vape juices that become instant all-day vapes. There’s something unique about Sean’s ability to craft perfectly balanced flavors that hit the spot over and over again. From desserts to fruity candies, they have what you need when it comes to different cravings. Every e liquid is made with ingredients that have been carefully sourced for quality and flavor. Each is thoughtfully tweaked and tested until its flavor is spot-on.

Sneakerhead’s shoe-inspired vape juices are guaranteed to satisfy your palate, as they are straightforward, nuanced and exceptionally tasty.