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Rock Kandi Eliquids

Rock Kandi Eliquids Review:

The three vape juices from Rock Kandi aren’t your ordinary candy-inspired eliquid flavors. Each ejuice is unbelievably intense, slamming the sweet tooth with a powerful blast of sugar. Despite the serious sweetness, you’ll find that the fruity tastes shine through, delivering nuanced tastes that keep the taste buds coming back for more.

So many vape juice brands load their candy flavors with artificial-tasting sweeteners. As a result, each hit coats the palate in an unpleasant taste that lingers after every exhale. Rock Kandi, meanwhile, uses only the best ingredients that money can buy. Therefore, each hit gives you your candy fix without drowning your taste buds in synthetic-tasting flavoring agents.

Sour Blue Raspberry vape juice is Rock Kandi’s claim to fame. The smack of sour berry flavor on the inhale makes the mouth pucker while each taste bud drools with pleasure. The sourness gradually makes way for the sugary sweetness of rock candy.

There’s also Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy vape juice, one of the very few flavors that actually captures the real taste of cotton candy. The tart inhale exhilarates you while refreshing you with the taste of brilliant blue raspberry goodness. The exhale cloaks each taste bud in the distinctive taste of puffy spun sugar.

Sour Strawberry Watermelon vape juice hits the palate with a sour and tangy blend of strawberry and watermelon juices. As the saliva flows from every taste bud, the sugary rock candy taste takes over, making the sweet tooth sing with satisfaction.

All three vape juices from Rock Kandi arrive in chubby gorilla bottles that feature gorgeous retro-inspired artwork, making these eliquids conversation pieces. The beautifully-decorated gift boxes protect the juices from oxidization, ensuring that each flavor is spectacularly fresh upon arrival.

Any vape enthusiast who has the sweet tooth of a child must get their hands on the three stunning vape juice flavors by Rock Kandi.