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NKTR Vapor eLiquids

NKTR Vapor eLiquids Review:

Experience the fruit vapor explosions of NKTR Ejuice!

If a vape juice brand is going to delver a series of eliquids that each focus on one succulent fruit, they’d better do it right. NKTR Vapor has created a line of fruit-based eliquids that glorify our favorite juicy treats. Each e-liquid is an homage to a fruit that we love, made with only the very best ingredients on the planet.

Each juice by NKTR Vapor comes in a 60ml glass bottle that has a dropper cap. Each juice has a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base.

This vape juice delivers refreshingly tart granny smith apple flavor with an extra dose of sour delight on the inhale and natural apple sweetness on the exhale.

On the inhale, a burst of tropical sweetness hits the tongue. On the exhale, tangy guava flavor quenches the thirst.

Tangy notes from authentic mango flavor tickle the taste buds on the inhale. On the exhale, sweet and juicy mango flavor bathes your tongue.

With each inhale, juicy pear flavor with its subtle tartness and addictive sweetness satisfies the taste buds. On the exhale, that authentic pear taste intensifies and tastes just like the real thing.

On the inhale, sour strawberry flavor smacks the tongue and makes the mouth water. On the exhale, that natural strawberry sweetness wakes up the palate and satisfies the sweet tooth.

When you inhale, sour watermelon flavor tingles on your taste buds. When you exhale, that refreshing watermelon taste cools you down.

If you’re looking for pure, authentic fruit flavors when you vape, no one does it as well as NKTR Vapor. Each vape juice from their stunning collection delivers sweet and satisfying fruity goodness.