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Nasty x Kilo Collaboration

Nasty x Kilo Collaboration Review:

Something magical happens when two of the best vape juice brands on the planet collaborate to deliver a new series of premium ejuices for the world to enjoy. We mean, what else could you possibly anticipate happening when two game changing brands join forces to create a collaborative mixture.

Vapers around the world can’t wait to get their hands on the highly-anticipated collaboration between Kilo and Nasty. The Nasty x Kilo Collaboration consists of two vape juices that are so intensely flavorful- Gambino and Dillinger. Once you get a hold of these two flavors, you’ll hold every other vape juice to higher standards forever

For this very special collection, the two brands joined forces to extract the very best fruit flavors from a variety of high-quality ingredients. The result is two e-liquids that each refresh the palate with pure, refreshing fruit flavor. Both vape juices taste exactly like the fruits that you love. They tease the sweet tooth with the fruits’ natural sugars while making you feel like you’ve just gulped down a big glass of freshly-squeezed fruit juice.

Nasty and Kilo have spent extensive time working together to create state-of-the-art aesthetics that grace the unicorn bottles and special gift boxes in which the e-juices arrive. Additionally, the beautiful imagery that these two brands have created can be found on their exclusive line of merchandise. For a limited time, you can celebrate this exciting collection by grabbing yourself a poster, a hat and a black t-shirt. All these products feature the project’s beautiful artwork and logo.

If you’re familiar with either of these brands, you know that quality matters. For this collaboration, the two creative teams worked together for months to source the very best flavoring agents that money can buy. As a result, each puff of Nasty x Kilo two vape juices simply tastes better than anything else out there. Each fruit component contains layers of exhilarating flavor notes that will satisfy you beyond words.

Whether you crave the smooth taste of melons or enjoy what creamy bananas and ripe strawberries bring to the table, there’s a Nasty x Kilo vape juice that will give you that authentic fruity taste at last. Also, this collection has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, allowing for large and thick clouds of vapor while also experiencing a solid throat hit in the process.

Finally, the Nasty x Kilo Collaboration has delivered the most exhilarating fruity juices out there for our vaping pleasure each time we use our MOD. Both vape juices are dripping with quality flavor that will satisfy the thirst while elating the taste buds and palate instantly. These two vape brands have raised the standards of juice-making worldwide, so it’s no surprise how popular they have become.

nasty x kilo collaboration
nasty x kilo collaboration