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Mr. Freeze E Liquid

Mr. Freeze E Liquid Review:

Are you looking to chill out when you vape? No vape brand delivers ice-cold menthol-infused fruity flavors like Mr. Freeze E Liquid. Located in sunny California, they have delivered extraordinary vape juices that combine our favorite refreshing fruits with icy mint, quenching the thirst while giving you that cool blast of menthol that you crave.

Using only high-quality food grade ingredients, Mr. Freeze E Liquid creates menthol-infused fruit flavors that taste unbelievably authentic. The fruit tastes are free of that unpleasant artificial sweetness and the menthol is smooth as can be. Therefore, you can vape a Mr. Freeze E Liquid’s line all day long, achieving incredible satisfaction with every single puff.

Excitingly, Mr. Freeze E Liquid has upgraded from 60ml glass bottles to 100ml chubby gorilla bottles. This change was made in order to deliver a more convenient pouring method for vape enthusiasts. Now, you can enjoy your favorite Mr. Freeze flavor without any of the mess. Also, each juice has a 70/30 VG/PG base, making them ideal for achieving large and thick vape clouds while experiencing good throat hits.

If you’re tantalized by cool and refreshing menthol, the line from Mr. Freeze E Liquid is guaranteed to blow away your taste buds. Each delivers luscious and authentic flavor with a punch of ice-cold menthol. No other juice brand has managed to create such a clean and pure menthol flavor as Mr. Freeze E Liquid has.