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LiX E-liquid Review:

You know how Ethos Vapors has produced some of the most mouthwatering e liquid creations of all-time? Well, now they’ve released a stunning ejuice line called LiX, and vapers already can’t stop raving about it. Each juice in this collection is so astonishingly flavorful and truly unique, no vaper will be able to resist trying them all.

In fact, the LiX line isn’t afraid to push the flavor envelope, and that’s evident once you start checking out what they have to offer in terms of taste. Whether your heart skips a beat over freshly mixed cake batter or the vaping palate is craving a tropical fruity delight with a surprising twist, this line has it all.

Made with top-notch ingredients ensures a deeply authentic, clean and smooth vape session that will keep you coming back for more.