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Kilo Sour Iced Series

Kilo Sour Iced Series Review:

You can’t call yourself an experienced vaper and not know that Kilo E-Liquids is one of the most beloved brands in the vaping world. It seems that no matter what they set out to create, the resulting product is flawless in its ability to satisfy. Now, Kilo has created their Sour Iced Series, a whimsical departure from their more sophisticated flavors.

Each of their ejuices is reminiscent of a sweet and sour fruity candy that’s been dipped into a bath of pure, invigorating menthol. Whether your palate yearns for crisp watermelon or juicy peaches, you’ll find what you crave as you explore this stunning collection.

The Kilo Sour Iced Series allows you to feel like a kid again by giving you permission to shamelessly indulge in sour candy flavors all day long. If sour, menthol-infused flavors really rock your world, you’ll probably want to give each vape juice flavor in the collection a try.