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Jam Monster Salts

Jam Monster Salts Review:

Jam Monster is an ejuice brand that’s seemingly been around since the early days, and yet they still manage to surprise us with new interpretations of our favorite flavors of all time. Now, the brand has given us Jam Monster Salts, a line of tasty juices, made with salt-based nicotine, so that they can be enjoyed using pod mods. Despite this change in formula, the liquids are just as satisfying as ever.

Jam Monster’s claim to fame is eliquids inspired by the jams and jellies that we’d find in grandma’s kitchen. Each flavor is deeply comforting, especially since it’s often blended with savory toast and rich butter. Their juices have that homemade taste that makes us forget about our worries just for an instant and savor the moment.

If you like salt nic as much as fruity flavors that have a twist, check out Jam Monster Salts and explore a magical world of stewed fruits that each hit the spot in their own unique way.