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Geeked Out Ejuice

Geeked Out Bundle 180ml


Geeked Out Ejuice Review:

Anyone who is familiar with the whimsical creations by Bad Drip will fall in love with Geeked Out, Bad Drip’s collection of vape juices that are inspired by all things nerdy. Unsurprisingly, the brand has once again set out to tantalize vape enthusiasts with a unique blend of wacky imagery and deeply delicious flavors.

Every ejuice boasts a wonderfully weird name that puts a smile on any vape enthusiast’s face. The actual liquids are exceptional, boasting quality flavor extracts that taste as fresh as can be. The labels on the bottles are inspired by the aesthetics of our childhood.

If crisp fruits titillate your palate, Snot Shot vape juice is the way to go. This fun and flavorful blend of apples, pears and kiwis drenches your tongue in delicious fruit juice that takes care of your thirst. The tropical kiwi flavor balances out the crisp and smooth notes of the apples and pears beautifully.

Another fruity extravaganza is Brace Face, a vape juice that tastes like summer in a bottle. Only a brand like Bad Drip could nail each fruit component so perfectly. The inhale tastes like luscious peaches and mangoes while the exhale cloaks the tongue in sweet and tangy strawberry juice.

Slushy lovers will appreciate the sour and sugary taste of Block Head vape juice, a blend of cotton candy and icy, tart blueberry slush.

Those who appreciate a good beverage flavor will absolutely adore Dork Breath, a sweet and zesty lemonade that’s infused with the cool taste of juicy watermelon. Every hit quenches the thirst like no other flavor can.

Bad Drip’s Geeked Out eliquid collection is a stunning example of juice-making at its finest. Each vape flavor is so delicious that you’ll never take it out of rotation. This collection if ideal for summertime vaping.