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Fuck Jerrys E-Liquid


100ML Ejuice Bottles

Bae by FJ’s E-liquid 100ml

$21.99 $14.99

Fuck Jerrys E-Liquid Review:

In collaboration with @fuckjerry and over 10 million followers across his social accounts, we have created fj’s e-liquid to raise the standards of ice cream flavored juice in this industry. Manufactured in Los Angeles, California, each 100ml bottle contains only the highest grade ingredients to ensure you get the most out of your vaping experience. With a very competitive price point, fj’s e-liquid is here to show you what great ice cream flavored e-juice is all about.

If you haven’t already, it is time to explore the wonderful and whimsical world of FJ’s E-Liquid. Their flavors deliver that sinful sweetness that you crave without any of the guilt. By combining high-quality ingredients with original flavor combinations, they have given us tempting treats that can be vaped all day long.

FJ’s E-Liquid is one of those brands that pushes the envelope when it comes to developing dessert-inspired flavors. If your taste buds are ready to explore unique and deliciously sweet flavor combinations, FJ’s is the brand to get your hands on immediately.