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Dr. Shugar Chitz

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Dr. Shugar Chitz Review:

When Dr. Shugar Chitz comes to town, the world instantly becomes sweeter. Their collection consists of raspberry-flavored and honeydew melon-flavored ejuices coated in sugary candy goodness. Each has a 80/20 VG/PG blend, making it an ideal choice for cresting large and dense clouds of vapor.

The Razz
Their very first vape juice flavor. Still overwhelmingly popular, it’s a succulent raspberry candy flavor that’s guaranteed to make the sweet tooth jump for joy. When you inhale, tart raspberry goodness makes the mouth pucker. On the exhale, sugary candy flavor mixes with the natural sweetness of raspberries.

The Razz Chilled
A blend of juicy raspberry candy and ice-cold menthol. The result is a truly refreshing vape that wakes up the taste buds while satisfying the sweet tooth. Each inhale delivers explosive raspberry flavor with notes of sweetness and sourness. Each exhale cools things down with fresh menthol.

The Brazz
Brings out an unbelievably sweet and sour blue raspberry candy flavor that will leave your mouth puckering and your sweet tooth singing. Every inhale and exhale simply nails everything that we love about this intense e liquid.

The Brazz Chilled
Delicious blue raspberry candy dipped in cold menthol. The result is a truly exhilarating experience for the palate. The inhale delivers sweet and sour blue raspberry candy goodness. On the exhale, a rush of chilly menthol leaves you feeling nice and refreshed.

Honey Doo Doo
Smooth, creamy, and overwhelmingly fruity, this is the ideal honeydew flavor you won’t be able to put down. Each inhale gives you ripe honeydew melon exciting your taste buds all at once. The exhale gives you that creamy candy taste that will have you coming back for more.

If you love fruit and candy flavored combinations, look no further than the line of e liquids from Dr. Shugar Chitz. These exquisite creations ooze with authentic goodness that you won’t be able to put down.