Dr Frost E-Liquids

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Dr Frost E-Liquids Review:

Who is Dr Frost E-Liquids, you ask? Well, what we can tell you is that he sure knows a thing or two about delivering intensely satisfying menthol vapes to the vaping community. Dr Frost’s line of fruityicy vape juices that have achieved subzero temperatures with the help of clean, pure and powerful menthol crystals. As a result, each hit from this collection chills your tongue to its core, and intoxicates you with feelings of exhilaration and rejuvenation.

Dr Frost E-Liquids offers a variety of vapes to be enjoyed, including a generous array that satisfy on multiple levels. On top of that, they offer salt nic versions of their popular flavors as well. What each of these ejuices shares in common with the rest is that it contains only the most high-quality ingredients, which promote a fresh and satisfying taste that never leaves the palate feeling anything but absolutely blissful.

It’s time to turn down the temp and experience these frosty vapes for yourself.