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Donut Town Review:

Donut Town handcrafts mouth-watering donut-type flavors. This whimsical brand allows us to take a trip for a moment back to the good ol’ days. Unafraid of pushing the envelope, their dreamy creations take fluffy, buttery donuts and top them with intoxicating tastes like sugary cereals and juicy berries. If you want to indulge in donuts all day long without worrying about calories, then check them out today.

The vape juices from Donut Town taste like they have just come out of the oven thanks to a blend of exceptional ingredients. Never artificial-tasting, these  e liquids are guaranteed to satisfy your donut-related cravings after each and every puff.

They have also created nic salt versions of each of their iconic flavors. Now, you can get that glorious hit of nicotine while you savor that fresh donut taste.

Donut Town bundles also are available for vapers that want more than one flavor to keep in their collection.