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Custard Monster Salt Nicotine

Custard Monster Salt Nic Bundle 3x30ml (90ml)

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Custard Monster Liquids Review:

What’s more satisfying than silky-smooth vanilla custard that sometimes gets mixed with a single fruit? Well, when those cravings start to kick up, Monster Vape Labs has a line called Custard Monster Liquids that is tailored to anyone who enjoys luxuriously rich and flavorful combinations that hit the spot with total ease.

Each bottle is sorta like a fulfilling dessert. In fact, their ejuices are remarkable in every way, as they will excite your taste buds like crazy, all from the first hit to the last.

No matter which creamy delight you select, Custard Monster Liquids has something for every vaper to experience. Plus, the impressive cloud production you get when vaping one of these vapes makes those sessions even more epic.

Now’s your chance to finally get in all some creamy goodness in a clean, natural, and exciting manner with one or more of these splendid e liquids today!