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Bacco Burst

Bacco Burst Review:

ARC’s Bacco Burst line has been supplying vapers with tantalizing e liquid flavors for quite some time now. This amazing line consists of rich, smooth tobacco blends that are enhanced by decadent treats that make our mouths water.

There’s something unique about their tobacco vape juices. What we mean is, while the vapor settles into the tongue, you’ll taste layers of flavorful notes that each take a turn dazzling your palate. Spicy, smoky, sweet, rich and earthy notes waft across the taste buds, making you feel like you’re indulging in real, high-quality tobacco.

Whether you crave a rich, creamy tobacco-flavored custard or the exact taste of your favorite cigarette brand, Bacco Burst has your needs covered with exceptionally produced ejuices.